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The Constitution

  • The Friends of the Bath Grounds was formally set up on 28th January 2014, when the draft Constitution was agreed by the interim committee. At our first AGM on 2nd April 2014 the Constitution was adopted and the committee elected.
  • At a General Meeting held on 14th September 2014 we modified our Constitution to enable us to bid for funding from the Landfill Communities Fund. We also appointed our auditor.
  • At their meeting on 26th January 2015, the Committee agreed Standing Orders to clarify Committee procedures.
  • Our second AGM was held on 27th May 2015. The Committee was re-elected with the addition of one more member, Jeremy Birch.
  • Following the sad death of our very active Committee member, Lorna Titley, Wendy Freer was co-opted onto the Committee at its February 2016 meeting. Wendy agreed to take over Lorna's responsibilities under the Heritage Lottery Fund Project.
  • Our third AGM was held on 12th May 2016. Two Committee members, Phil Robinson and Wendy Freer, stood down and one new member was elected, Vince Mott. Vince was elected Secretary and Clare Birch Chair. Our Constitution was amended to allow more co-optees to the Committee.
  • During summer 2016, Chris Smith, Yvonne Smith and Elaine Robinson retired from the Committee and Dave Bigby retired as Treasurer. Jeremy Frost was elected to the Committee and Geoff Bibby was elected as Treasurer.
  • In January 2017, Brian Everitt was elected to the Committee.
  • At our fourth AGM on 22nd May 2017, Dave Bigby, Jeremy Frost and Clare Birch retired from the Committee and Jeremy Birch was elected Chair. During 2017, Geoff Biibby retired from the Committee, Derry Benson joined the Committee and Clare Birch re-joined the Committee taking on the role of Treasurer.
  • At our fifth AGM on 21st May 2018 the sitting Committee was re-elected with the addition of Dave Bigby.
  • During 2018, Geoff Bibby was co-opted back to the Committee as Treasurer and at the 2019 AGM (22nd May) this appointment was confirmed.
  • No AGM was held during 2020 due to Covid19.
  • Derry Benson left the Committee during Spring 2021 and Liam Cook was co-opted in May 2021.
  • At our seventh AGM, held on 24th November 2021, Jeremy and Clare Birch and Brain Everitt retired from the Committee and Chris Smith joined. The Friends were then without a permanent chair.
  • At a Committee meeting on 18 January 2022, Matt Woodford, Tim Jones and Dan Cooper were co-opted onto the Committee.. 
  • At the next Committee meetings, on 15 February and 15 March 2022, Tim Jones was appointed Chair, Dan Cooper, Secretary and Dave Bigby, Treasurer. Annie Ingram, Vince Mott and Geoff Bibby retired from the Committee. Dave Simkins joined the Committee in April 2022.and SJ Statham joined the Committee and took over as Treasurer in September. 
  • We held our eighth AGM on 18th October 2022 and the Committee was re-elected..

The Committee

Chair - Tim Jones

Secretary - Dan Cooper

Treasurer - Sarah Jane Statham

Other Committee members

  • Dave Bigby
  • Chris Smith
  • Dave Simkins
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