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Community Hedge Laying Event

The Friends of Ashby Bath Grounds co-ordinated a Community Hedge Laying event on Saturday and Sunday, 1st Feb and 2nd February 2020. The Friends were working alongside and in collaboration with the Heart of England Hedge Laying Group.


The event was organised to continue the improvements to the Castle View Wildlife Walk which runs along the footpath from the Cattle Arch entrance to the Bath Grounds along to the prior Park Rd entrance of the grounds.


Over time hedges becomes tired and begin to look unsightly and are difficult to maintain. They develop very poor weak growth, open up at the bottom, become top heavy and no longer can they be expected to provide a stock proof barrier. It can no longer provide good shelter for animals, it’s wildlife habitat is severely diminished and in time the hedge will die.

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Hedge laying has a number of benefits;

  • By laying a hedge, the trees are encouraged to regenerate; this extends their life, and that of the hedge as a whole.

  • Creates a constant supply of new, bushy growth, providing shelter for a greater number of wildlife species increasing biodiversity, providing a wildlife haven for a huge variety of insects, small animals and birds.

  • provide safe corridors for free movement of many wildlife species across the countryside increasing biodiversity

  • By laying hedges new growth will be promoted from the ground keeping it healthy and thick for years to come. You can expect a well laid hedge to last up to 50 years.

  • Hedges can also help prevent soil erosion

  • Well maintained hedges will capture and reduce air pollution including traffic carbon emissions

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