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If you would like to contact one of the councillors on the District Council planning committee to express your concerns/objections before next tuesday, regarding the Leisure Pavillion commercial building - then below are email and telephone contacts. Even if you can't speak to them in person you should be able to leave a message!

It can make a difference and is a powerful way of lobbying .. the Planning Application Number is 14/00104/FULM – 01530 459235 /07557 038432 - 01530 411643 /07765 251208 – 01530 223074 / 07854 687629 - 01530 01530 832457 / 07976 728003, - 01530 832622 / 07981 500997 - 01530 515317 / 07738 461947 - 01530 222970 / 07762 924720 - 01530 831542 / 07989 577847, - 01530 459514 / 07773 341531

Great new on Funidng!

We have just heard that our application for £20,000 towards funding for the Bath Grounds Footpath Project has been supported “in principle” by North West Leicestershire District Council.

However, this doesn’t mean that we are certain to win the funding. We now need you, and everyone you know, to prove that the Project commands a high level of support amongst the community.

To do this you need to vote for the “Area 5” Project on the council website. You can vote by following this link

You will have to register on the site and then place your vote. Although ours is the only Project submitted for Ashby you still need to vote for it so that we can prove to the Council that it’s well supported. And please only vote for our Project as its popularity will be judged against the number of votes for the other Projects.

Don’t worry if you don’t have your own email address. Just register using an address made up as follows: We are assured that will work.

The closing date for voting is Sunday 9th November so please VOTE NOW.

Many thanks to Oakland Hotels for approving the plans for our Bath Grounds Footpath Project. Their formal approval and consent were required as they hold the freehold of the Bath Grounds. Also we are most grateful to Ashby Town Council for requesting the approval as the Lease holder.All we have to do now is raise £45,000 to build the path.

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