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March 2016 - PRIDE Campaign News

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

The "Pride in our Bath Grounds" campaign was launched in July 2015.

The campaign has focussed on three areas;

1. Dog mess - "bag it, bin it"

2. Litter - "bin it, take it home"

3. Unwanted behaviour - "not welcome here"

We have been working with; Ruth Mulvany (District Council), Matt Longley (Chairman of The Cricket Club), Mark Arjoo (Leicestershire Police), Jack Fargher (Clerk, Town Council) and, of course, the general public.

We had great support with the dog flagging initiative in 2015, raising awareness and resulting in a 65% reduction in dog mess on the Bath Grounds over the last 6 months. We will be progressing this initiative again this year.


We had 2 successful litter picks in 2015 and are now arranging to be involved once again in the Big Ashby Litter Pick in April 2016. You can sign up to get involved here http:/

We will be encouraging Police and Friends' presence on 'high risk' litter days in 2016.

The litter campaign is being organised by Annie Ingram, our Pride Co-ordinator, in association with NWLDC Street Action Team and Ashby Town Council. It is clear that the Pride in our Bath Grounds Litter initiative is supported by the Ashby community and that there is a great desire to look after the Bath Grounds.

Unwanted Behaviour

The new footpath and the work being carried out on the railway arch path are helping to open up the Bath Grounds and reduce dark areas which can attract anti social beaviour (ASB).

We have continued working with the police to ensure regular foot patrols.

Please continue to report ASB activity to NWLDC on their website and to the Police on their non-emergency number, 101, at the time the incident is happening or at their webiste You can ask to remain anonymous if you prefer.

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