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Please Report Antisocial Behaviour on the Bath Grounds

With the school holidays and long evenings upon us, we are seeing increasing levels of antisocial behaviour (ASB) on the Bath Grounds. This is intimidating to other Bath Grounds users and puts the Community off using the Bath Grounds for their legitimate pleasure and recreation.

We reproduce below the text of a letter we sent this week to the District Council and the police regarding one such recent incident.

You can help enormously if you also report any incidents you witness. The more reports the police receive, the more they will have to take these issues seriously and increase their level of patrols through the grounds.

You can report incidents to the police at and to the District Council at If possible please ring the police at the time an ASB is occurring on 101.

"I would like to bring to your attention increasing concerns of local residents regarding antisocial behaviour on the Bath Grounds in Ashby De La Zouch.

There have been a number of incidents in the Bath Grounds concerning the drinking of alcohol and vandalism, especially directed at trees, over the last few weeks, especially at the south street entrance where benches are situated. These have been reported to the local Ashby Police and the Town Council by the Friends of the Bath Grounds Committee.

One of our committee lives at Rawdon Terrace and is getting increasingly intimidated by the gatherings around this area, as it is right on the other side of their fencing.

The most recent incident happened around 8pm on July 12th 2014.

A number of lads/girls aged between 16 and 25 years were sitting on these benches in the Bath Grounds drinking out of glass beer bottles - with a couple of boxes of bottled Budweiser on the benches.

As well as being loud and intimidating, they were also throwing bottles around causing them to smash.

One of our members also witnessed a girl urinating at the back of her fence gates and later discovered that this person had changed sanitary towelling and had left the dirty sanitary towel by her gate.

This morning discarded Budweiser boxes and discarded Budweiser bottles were found thrown onto the flower bed which is near the seating area – broken Budweiser bottles were found on the edge of the footpath near the benches.

Numerous empty cans of beer/ glass bottles have found on park over last few weeks and people have been seen drinking on park.

This situation has been escalating, and we are keen to see the police take positive action to ensure that the no alcohol policy on the Bath Grounds is effectively enforced."

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